A downloadable virtual reality game

Cupid is joining cold war operations and he's turned into a killing machine. Armed with his trusty bow and arrow, he has to infiltrate a warehouse where it's rumored that his special item is being held. In this VR game, you dodge enemies and laser beams as you attempt to get back what is yours. This game is design for the Oculus and has not been tested for the Vive or other VR platforms, although it make work. 


Grab - Oculus L/R Trigger

Spawn Bow - Oculus A 

Change Arrow - Oculus B

Menu - Menu Button Left Controller

 Rotate View - MotionControler L/R Thumbstick

Shoot the Teleportation Arrow to Move

Grab Onto Vents and Grates to Climb


AAA-Battery_Agent_Cupid.rar | After jam edition since I uploaded the wrong proje 263 MB
AAA-Battery_Agent_Cupid -- POST JAM VIEWPORT FIX.rar 263 MB

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