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Game Developed for the 5th Epic Mega Jam.

A 2 Player Co-operation Game where the objective is to save a spaceship from crashing into the Earth.

With this, one player stands in the control desk, paying attention to the different meters, which alarm for different issues that will come up, while the ship is descending into the atmosphere.

As the astronaut, run around and listen to your friend, he is just trying to help, we hope... Put out fires, close the holes of the ship, refill the fuel or make sure your spaceship is still in the correct trajectory, try to manage your time and priorities wisely, and you'll be safe and sound.

Communication in this games is the key to survival, join your friend in the same room or thorugh voice chat and do your best and listen to what your friend, just this one time, please.


NaughtyCat_GroundControl.zip 157 MB

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