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Gameplay Description:

In this game, you spend your last day before going off to college in the park with your dog, beating the records that your rival has set. The mini games available are fetch, Frisbee toss with point scoring, bike racing with the dog in the basket, treat eating, and an agility course.

This is a game of the Oculus Rift - You can play in seated or standing VR.


If your view is wrong, open the menu and select"Reset View"

If you can't reach an item, turn on the beam display using "B" on the motion controller and press A to grab.

General Controls:

Oculus Motion Controller:

Grab Left/Right - Grip Left/Right

Select [Use this to select a mini game from the floating icons and also get out of reach items]-  Right A Button

Look Left/Right - Oculus Controller 

Pause - Left Motion Controller Pause Button

Toggle Laser Pointer - Right B Button

Mini Game Controls


Move Forward - Right/Left Motion Controller Trigger

Move Back - Right/Left Motion Controller Thumb stick

To steer - Grab the handlebars with one hand and move


Whistle Jump -  Right Motion Controller Trigger

Whistle Move to Spot - Right A Button

A Long Day in the Park is made for the Unreal Engine 4 Summer 2019 Game Jam.

The theme was "Make it Count"

Everything in the game except from the sound was made by me. The sound came from soundly and Eric Matyas, credit here:

“Peaceful Evening”

by Eric Matyas



DuckDog_ALongDayInThePark.7z 84 MB

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